Certified HellerworkStructural Integration Practioner and  Certified MassageTherapist
Sally Bethea Holt
Bodywork Innovations
Sally's Bio

Hi, let me introduce myself. I'm Sally Bethea-Holt, I'm originally from Pasadina Ca. At a very young age my family moved to Shasta county to be raised on an 80 acre farm north east of Redding. I attended Mongomery Creek School, Nova High School, Central Valley High School, and Shasta College. Work related experience  I've been profectional Cook / sue chief, restraunt s  Manager, lumbermill worker, plaint matance independent contractor, California State Certified Massage therapist with 32 years of experience, Hellerwork Practitioner 19 years of experience, Hellerwork International faculty member 14 years, -Hellerwork mentor teacher - Hellerwork Assistane Teacher, board member for both Americal Hellerwork Strictural integration and the Hellerwork Educational Training Board.
Love all team sports, aikido, swiming, dancing, skiing, travel, studying/learning
Love doing things with my sons, daughter In-laws and grandkids. Friends, and being of service to my clients.